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Crafting Includes

Concept Development

After our initial discussion of your ideas and our ideas, and some time in the researching and brainstorming phase, we'll formulate one or more logo concepts for you to choose from.

Unlimited Revisions

After receiving your feedback off of the conceptualization phase, we'll work on refining the logo until you're satisfied. (Although revisions are unlimited, revision time that exceeds 5 hours may be charged extra.)


File Bundle: The file bundle includes the logo in its original Illustrator (.AI) file, a PDF file, ICO format for fav icons, and a web-ready mix of PNG and JPG. We can supply any other file formats as needed.

Design Reference Sheet: A sheet listing all colors and fonts used in the design for easy reference.

Full Ownership & Copyright: An official document of us, Campitor Productions, signing over the logo's ownership to you, our client. (We only retain rights to show it off in our own portfolio and advertising.)

Additional Concepts


The starting concept count for each logo design project is 2. Want more to chose from? Add additional concepts for $50 each and will whip up some additional thoughts and sketches.

Logo Variation Bundle


This bundle comes with alternative logo displays for your brand; horizontal and/or vertical arrangements, text only or image only, secondary color palettes, black and white, and any other arrangement that suits your needs.

Brand Guidebook


A grander version of the Design Reference Sheet, providing a list of all fonts and colors used in the design for easy reference, guides on how to build your brand language, and a summary of your brand principles and goals. Reads like an eBook and comes in PDF format.


Discussion & Contract

Fill out the form below, and we'll get back to with a proposal. Feel free to ask questions, express concerns, or add any other bits of information after we send out that proposal. When you're ready to proceed, we'll send out a contract for you to read over and sign. Once that's completed, work on your logo begins.

Estimated time: 1-2 weeks

The Brainstorming

We want your logo mark to be unique, while also fitting into its respective field. This requires web searching to see what's already out there, as well as checking your main competitions. Then we start brainstorming and sketching. We try to stick to projected checkpoints, but some cases may require additional time in developing. By the end of this phase, we’ll emerge with one or two concepts for you to review.

Estimated time: 2-5 weeks

Feedback & Development

After sending us your feedback on the concept work, we develop that concept further. Here we enter the design rounds, working on the logo until you're satisfied.

Your feedback during this phase is vital in determining the final result and the overall project timeline. The quicker you can give us feedback, the quicker we can make revisions. The clearer you can be in your feedback, the more likely we are to create something you’ll love!

Estimated time: 2-5 weeks

Finalizing & Delivery

Once you finalize the logo and the final payment is sent, we’ll send over all the deliverables and give you complete ownership. We only reserve the right to use the logo in our portfolio and in our own advertisements.

Total estimated time: 5-12 weeks
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