Hello Fraulein
March 5, 2017
May 10, 2017


Project Date: 2017
Project Type: Logo & Brand, Photography

Robin Shatz–owner of Whole Living Body & Birth Services–returned to Campitor to design a logo for Birthbosses. We ultimately decided on a modern look that referenced a child's building blocks. The Birthbosses programs are all about building strong trainers for a successful birth process. The resulting Birthbosses, themselves, become instrumental in assisting their clients as they build their families.

Additionally, in the face of launching this new branch of her services, we helped Robin update her professional headshots.

Birthbosses offers prenatal and labor massage doula (PALM Doula) training programs for massage therapists, bodyworkers, doulas, and midwives. The programs are designed to build Birthbosses–empowered and grounded trainers who become powerful assets to the clients and families they work with.